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SEO for websites is still the order of the day for maintaining the ranking of websites with search engines. There is a need for one to be acquainted with all the hints and tips to keep track of all SEO trends.

There are quite a several SEO strategies on trend now that you should look out for to earn your website a fair share of organic traffic. Below are the listed eight crucial SEO trends, they are not arranged in any order; however, they are all very important.

1. Voice search

Voice search is on the increase in usage by online searchers and so it been listed as one of SEO trends. Voice search is a conversational search different from text searches. For your website to become listed and ranked higher in search results for voice search queries, it should target long-tail keywords. Thus, your keywords should be of phrases so that Google can crawl easily and so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

2. Quality content

The quality of the content in your website is the most crucial factor that determines the website’s SEO ranking. High quality content attract more customers and traffic while, poor quality content will repel or drive away potential users. An original, precise and accurate and relevant content will get a higher SEO ranking with search engines otherwise, the reverse will be case. Such other qualities for your content is that it must be well structured, must be comprehensive, and it should be easy for users to navigate. Long text content should have some elements of info graphics in order to effectively convey your information. In addition, add backlinks to your web pages in order to increase traffic to your page and as well increase the SEO ranking.

One important tip to note is that you should engage in writing contents that users actually need or that are the answers users need to their search queries. This is by asking yourself, when any user enters a query in relation to your keywords what exactly will he be looking for. For example, when one enter and search ‘digital marketing’, is he looking for latest news on digital marketing, or is it digital marketing tips he will look for?

All of the following insights are important to create a quality content that will earn your website higher SEO ranking.

3. Featured snippets

A featured snippet is the latest Google SEO trends for ranking websites. What is featured snippet? It is a precise and clear answer given to any search query, it appears on the top of the SERP above both paid and organic ads. Featured snippets improve a website’s credibility and thus, create for it, brand awareness. This featured snippet as an SEO trend contributes seriously to the amount of clicks you get to your website. Therefore, it is advised that as part of the content in a webpage you add some FAQs (frequently asked questions), and provide accurate and clear answers to them. This helps your site to get higher SEO ranking because FAQs snippets are sources to lure traffic.

There are however, different types of featured snippets

· The definition box: This type of featured snippets appears in sentence paragraph. It usually answer such queries with the word ‘what, why, when and who.’ Etc  

· The table: this appears in a tabular form usually with numerical data details. I,e prices, rates, years et cetera.

· The list: this type of featured snippets brings answers in a listing format, and this can either be an ordered or unordered list.

· The Video: this shows video results contained in the content. Video snippets are brought out based on the information processed by the natural language processing tool (NLP). Using relevant keywords in the video and making it audible will also help a great deal.

4. Loading speed

Loading speed is very important to any website, when a website tends to load slowly or for too long, people will move on, they have no time to waste. Websites that load fast tends to have a higher conversion rate and thereby affects the SEO ranking. This shows that loading speed greatly affects conversion rate and as well the SEO ranking.

Google top-rated websites have the average loading speed of three seconds. Thus, you should work well on your website to lower the pages loading time.

5. Artificial intelligence

When we say artificial intelligence, it is usually attributed to robots and machinery; however, it has gone beyond that long time ago. Artificial intelligence is now linked with digital marketing. Artificial intelligence is used in industries for creating personalized experiences to consumers or users. Google search engine uses artificial intelligence to present search results to it users. With artificial intelligence, search engines progressively learned the qualities of what article or content is worth publishing and which is not and thereby determines their ranking with precision.

6. Video contents trends

Websites containing video contents are more likely to appear on the first page of a search result than those containing only plain texts. Therefore, video contents have become significant part of SEO strategy. Therefore, when creating your web content try and also create YouTube videos that goes in line with the content of your website and thus embed it in your content, this can gain you audience and increase traffic to your website.

 However, you do not only create the video and embed it in your content; you should also optimize it for it to appear in the search results. Certain things to consider in order for optimizing your videos are that your content keywords should be included in the video description; increase the verbal content; add appropriate caption as well as transcript; your video should be mobile friendly; etc.

7. Mobile devices SEO

Mobile SEO tools are becoming or have become the top-notch SEO tools. Therefore, if your website is not accessible through the mobile devices, you will lose most of your website users. Currently, the number of Smartphone users with internet connectivity is exploding, and we do most searches using mobile devices rather than computers or tablets and so mobile web pages are growing their trends. If you require drawing traffic into your website, you need to make it to be accessible on mobile devices.

Having create a mobile version of your website, make it look attractive and have an easy to navigate interface and the content should be able to answer users queries. Also follow other SEO practices to optimize your web pages and keep up with competitors.

8. Linking

By linking, I mean both the internal linking and external linking. This has become a very important SEO strategy to be included into the trends.

Internal linking is about linking one page to another within the same website. While external linking is about creating backlinks. Backlinks are when you share some of your web page links to other website or blogsite or even to social media platforms such that when any user click on that link he is taken directly to your page.

When you effectively link your pages internally, it helps Google to understand the structure of your website and to discover more and index your web pages. This also help users to navigate easily through your website and when they are able to find the pages they are looking for through the internal linking they tend to spend more time on your site thereby improving it user experience and as well gives more time to Google search engine to crawl through. This takes us to talk about ‘websites crawling.’


Crawling is the process by which search engines send out it bots also known as “spiders or crawlers” to discover new contents and update them into it index. Such contents can be document file, image, videos, audios, or web pages. And we can only access those contents through links.

How the crawlers work is that, they follow links mentioned in a web page to find new contents. There, they find new URLs and store them in the search engines’ index so that when any user search for any similar content the particular search engine (i.e Google) will simply pull out the newly found URL from it index. Search engine’s bots only crawl a specific number of URLs in a website before it leaves and the average number of URL crawled in a website is refers to as crawl budget. Thus, it is important for website owners to optimize their crawl budget so that all of it important pages will be crawled and nothing left out in the crawling process.

Where a search engine cannot find a way to crawl a website, it will not index it pages on the SERP and web users will not be able to find the website during their online searches.


Search engine optimization consultant cum specialist helps review, analyze, as well as execute any changes to websites so that they become optimized for search engines. As a website owner, you may consult a specialist on how to improve your pages rank within search engines in order to increase the site’s traffic or you may engage the specialist to do the actual work.

An SEO specialist once engaged has the duty to make your website appear at the top of search results and to be ranked higher by search engines. They make as a priority the development of relevant, quality, as well as engaging contents. They know how much value search engines places on quality content.

An SEO specialist skills are that, they have the ability to analyze the improvements of websites, they know the keyword research and as well understand SEO copywriting etc.


Checklist is a list you keep to guide you through a particular activity in order to achieve success. Here we will be giving you checklist that will help increase the online traffic to your website. Some of the basic SEO checklist you should keep handy are as follows:

Yoast SEO plugin: this is a free SEO plugin tool specially used for wordpress or some other CMS supported by it. It is very useful, it is an all in one SEO plugin that does most of your tasks without having to install different plugins for separate tasks.

Sitemaps: make sure to create sitemaps, they are what tell search engines where on the website to find contents so they can crawl and index the pages.

Robot.txt file: This plain text file prevents search engines from crawling and indexing pages you do not want them to crawl. That is, it is what tell search engines where to go and where it cannot go on your website.

Google analytics: this is a Google free tool you can install in order to keep track of how many people visit your website and their interaction with it.

Google search console: this is also a tool from Google, it let you keep track of your website’s search performance, and to know of keywords you rank for on the search results. This keeps you abreast with how you can improve your website.


o Try to use short and descriptive URLs. Short and descriptive URLs are said to run better with search engines.

o Your title tag and description tag should be compelling. Most importantly add your target keywords to them, it helps a lot

o If possible, it is better you use one H1, especially for your pages especially only for the title

o Link your site to relevant internal and external resources

o Add your target keywords to the descriptive and alt texts on images included to your content.


o Make sure your content’s introduction is a winning one

o Write your contents in such a way that it is readable to the readers

o Make use of brief sentences and paragraphs without too much wordiness


o Check out the loading speed of your pages, make sure your website loads fast enough

o Check out and fix broken links

o As part of the eight SEO trend is that, your website should be capable of being accessed through mobile devices. Your website should be mobile device – friendly

o Fix crawling errors that is, if search engines are having difficulty finding the contents on your website, you will need to fix that to rank with search engines.


Being an expert at search engine optimization is the dream of every website owner, because, that is the only way to get their website on the top of search engines’ results. So, following this trends in a website will have it optimized for search engines and thus, will accord the website owners gains from his site.