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Technology has gotten better and continues to get better; it will as well continue to mould every aspect of human lives. So, it is now important to prepare for the future, and as well utilize and adapt to whatever is already present with us.

Artificial intelligence is a technology projected to open up a huge amount of money in business value. This is premised on it transformation of marketing and sales alone. Actually, the transformation is already actively in full gear as top leading companies are now building more of intelligent marketing and sales solutions through the artificial intelligence machine learning and deep learning.

Artificial intelligence has got it grip on us so much so that we now found ourselves relying more on devices to execute even the simplest of tasks. As such, artificial intelligence is not far from being used in search engine optimization. As such, Search Engine Optimization is now an area which artificial intelligence is rapidly altering to suit the new transformation of the world. Online marketers or rather, content marketers are now utilizing the artificial intelligence advanced technology to help with search engine optimization, thanks to the development of some software to that effect. It becomes imperative to learn to brace yourself and not limit your effort to only those basic SEO techniques and strategies that may no longer work with SEO in the near future.

Meaning of ‘AI SEO’ and how it works

AI as in Artificial Intelligence is the current and fast growing technological system in the world that is virtually changing human lives from it natural cause to being artificial but effective, efficient and convenient. Artificial intelligence is a general term that encompasses different technologies such as machine learning; deep learning; natural language processing; and many more others still to come.
With the presence of artificial intelligence, search engines have permanently changed and are still changing. They now provide custom search results dependent on data taken of the online users about their past behaviors, locations, devices used and so much more. These data equip search engines with the knowledge of what the users want to their search queries. Thus, with AI powered SEO software you can do tasks faster and more effectively to achieve your desired result. Therefore, artificial intelligence has come to stay and is driving tremendous changes to Search Engine Optimization as well as building customized optimization strategies for website owners.

The bottom line of artificial intelligence in Search Engine Optimization is that it helps to analyse the relationships between different websites, web pages, and search engine rankings. How it works. It helps to identify such opportunities as determining what are the right topics trending around your niche, whether it has low competition, and which one is the most effective for you to address your contents. Artificial intelligence helps in data analysis, which is very important to give insight on what new and effective strategy to design for SEO.


AI powered SEO can be said renders it functions in three main categories for improved SEO. As in insights, automation, and personalization.
Artificial intelligence helps to process data in a way no one can duplicate. From an unstructured data not easily understandable, artificial intelligence can bring out useful information you need to make an informed decision.

Artificial intelligence provide such insights on content opportunities; such as how you can ensure your content is crawled easily and for it surface easily on SERPs

Artificial intelligence provides insight on your pages SERP performance, on customers’ intent, on competitors et cetera.

As said, that computer can replace human but human being are the ones in control of what they do. In this regard, there are such tasks that can be automated by artificial intelligence and still get same output as when done manually; such tasks that can be automated in SEO are; keyword research, content optimization, tagging, internal linking etc. with the right AI SEO tool used, you can get a desirable result.

AI artificial intelligence helps to produce personalize content and present them to potential users. This is about taking useful data from users historical activities and presenting or suggesting to them, new products or contents that will satisfy their search intent.

AI helps for better understanding of user’s intent and provides necessary signals for relevant and high quality content.
Artificial intelligence also helps to optimize conversational parts of your website, such as where you need users to place orders or leave comments or email address, it ensures your website achieve its goal(s).


The current situation of the modern societies is that people live with the expectation that whatever information or results they require should be delivered instantaneously and immediately. That is the development artificial intelligence has brought. As such, almost every industry especially the leading industries are utilizing the artificial intelligence to keep up with the expectation of their customers to serve with speed, accuracy, and precision.

Thus, it comes to the knowledge of SEO professionals that this does not concern the online marketers alone but every industry that has it business also online and seeks to succeed in it. As such, they need to brace up to keep up with the changes and acquire necessary skills to find and act on search insights because the artificial intelligence is an art of insights into consumers’ behavior.


Artificial intelligence and the role of SEO professionals
Search engines especially Google, is continuously learning to have better look and as well understand things in much deeper way so as to continually provide end users with better results and satisfy what they intend to find. This is via ‘machine learning.’

Machine learning is another part of AI artificial intelligence, concerned with the algorithms that computers use to learn. Right now with the presence of artificial intelligence so many companies and search engines are utilizing the necessary software to reduce, the time and effort required from SEO professionals or specialists.
The primary responsibility of an SEO professional is to develop quality and relevant content that is accessible across all devices and useful across many platforms. This is the first step in order to have fewer challenges ranking on the top of search engines result pages. In this regard, SEO professionals should know that content is not all about stuffing keywords but more about contents with qualify concepts, context, and satisfaction. As the machine continuously learns and get smarter, it understands users’ intents and preferences for a better sorting and ranking of contents on search engine results, that is why you need to create content with good and positive user experience and then leave the remaining things to the SEO AI to grow the traffic for you.

Artificial intelligence and technical SEO

The technical SEO is always relevant, however, with time stresses associated with technical SEO, the amount of times spent and the repetitiveness in practice will be downsized, as it will no longer require much of human interaction to improve SEO. Therefore, with less time spent on technical SEO, the SEO professional will now focus more on creating high quality contents in relation to the intention of the end users. With artificial intelligence more immersed into technical SEO, you will spend less time on keyword research, internal linking, content optimization and many more tasks et cetera.


AI as to opportunity discovery
This is about discovering some opportunities that is not yet been discovered and exploited by your competitors. With some of the AI powered SEO tools or software, you will be saved the time and hard work of manually finding some of the opportunities for SEO. Such as targeted keywords or topic ideas that are not too common; keywords that will give you better chance of ranking because your competitors have not yet discover them; finding trending topics; discover some content gaps you can exploit and such opportunities as link building etc. Artificial intelligence will help you in all of the above as fast as possible.

AI in local search
The goal of every online marketer is that, their business should show up accurately in search engines’ SERPs. AI assist in making your contents appears in local search

AI for link building
Voice search optimized contents
With the help of AI, there is now a new trend for online searching, which is voice search. With some AI developed programs installed in Smartphone and tablets, searches for information online has become conversational. Therefore, with this new development search engines need to catch up and start ranking websites with contents that are conversationally optimized for voice searches than any other. So, it becomes important for website owners too who wants the success of their sites to continue to rank higher to follow this new trend and optimize his website for voice search.

AI in video and image SEO
Like it was said in various post for SEO, optimize video and images by adding alt text to it because that is what tells search engines what the image or video is all about and as such will be ranked accordingly. The development of AI has improved tremendously the ranking of images and videos for SEO. Think about when you search such things as ‘how to cook a delicious pasta.’ Will it be easier for you to understand how by watching a tutorial video or by reading a lengthy texts on how to cook. Definitely, it will be more helpful to watch the tutorial video. This is very important to search engines too, that is why with the machine learning and deep learning, and optimization of the images and videos by the content owners, the search engine are able to understand what a particular search is about and the answer it intend to find, as such will bring forth a result accordingly.

AI in AMP websites and AMP stories
AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP is a project that allows websites’ contents to open fast, that is the contents appear instantly. With AMP stories integrated in a website, it made it appear on the top stories corousel, and this type of AI technology is already being implemented by some search engines like Google, Bind, Baidu etc, and some big industries.

SEO is an insight driven technology that generates tons of data from web activities and feed it to search engines, content marketing, email marketing, social media etc. On the other hand, artificial intelligence AI specialty is extracting insights from online data at large scale, as such it makes it easier for the SEO to extract much better insights from search data and at the end of the day present the expected results to it end users. Most importantly, the AI extract insights in real-time. That is, unlike the SEO which base it insights on historical data, AI makes it possible to have insights in real-time as to predict what trends is going on right now or what trend is to come up in the near future. An AI integrated in SEO allows having an insight in what is going on right now thus; helps SEO make recommendations to users accordingly.


RankBrain is an artificial intelligence tool created by Google to read and understand the contents of websites. Though it is always important to choose the best keywords to use and stuff them in your content, however, note that the most important factors that will help the ranking is the quality, density, relevance, and focus of the keywords. So, only stuffing your content with the keywords without the content answering the users’ questions or its not relevant to their search intent will only drag your site down the ranking ladder and make it lose followers. Thus, you can only be confident of the success of your website when the contents matches the search intents of users, and that is what Google AI tool ‘RankBrain’ aims to do for you; that is reading and understanding the contents of websites and then providing results that matches users search intents.


At present, many leading companies are utilizing search engine optimization artificial intelligence tools to execute so many tasks and then cut down the time and efforts required from SEO professionals or specialists. Such software with their unique features, one different from the others and falling into such categories as insights, automation, or personalization are as follows:
Bright edge platform contain different modules such as
Keyword reporting
Data Cube
Internal Signal
Voice share
Site report
Story builder and
Content recommendations
All these features in this software help content marketers in optimizing their content.
The bright edge platform gives insight as to how changes in SEO affect your brand. The story builder on the platform takes data from different parts of the website and combines them, and then creates beautiful tables or chats to make it easy for the users to understand the data.


Acrolinks is AI SEO software that accords flexibility to promote your content the way you like. Acrolinks work with Microsoft word, Google docs, WordPress, and many other tools. It supported some languages, such as English, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
Some other AI SEO tools are Wordlift, Albert, OneSpot, Pave AI and many more et cetera.


The world continues to change and so every now and then, new developments with artificial intelligence continue to evolve. Most importantly, it touches all aspect of life no matter how minute. As such, in order to continue to deliver relevant and reliable content for it users, search engines are always improving with new features with the use of AI. In the same vain, it is important for online marketers or website owners to also take advantage of any AI solutions to better their contents in order to match users’ search intent and improve their websites’ SEO performance.