How to Run Instagram Ads to Boost Brand Awareness

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Instagram has become the most exciting social media platform today, such that it is hard to not find one or two Instagram addicts in a group of persons. That may even be an understatement, as Instagram has over 800 million active users. Quiet several people now prefer spending more time on Instagram than on Facebook, twitter, Snapchat or other social media platforms. With this development it makes sense that you advertise not only your business on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or other related websites, but to also start advertising your businesses on the Instagram platform. This article is thus a review of how best to advertise on Instagram, or the Instagram business advertising best practices. 

Instagram is a visual platform that tells visual stories through all of it various visual ad formats. When you get to use all of it Ads format for your advertising campaigns, you will gain high yield in your ROI.

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What is Instagram Advertising?

Instagram advertising is when you pay to post sponsored post or content on the Instagram platform for it to reach a much larger and targeted audience on the Instagram platform. Instagram ads are utilized in order to create more of brand awareness, to generate website traffics and gain new leads. 

Note, since Instagram platform is more of a visual platform posting text contents will not be so pleasing to users. Rather, you need image or video contents, which may be accompanied by texts captions to reach your audience on Instagram and promote your brand awareness.

And it is very important to know that you spend money to earn money. So you throw some money behind a post in advertising, and you will grow more of your brand awareness and thus promote your business.

Is Instagram advertising important to promote your business?

No advertising is a waste, the most important thing is for you to take charge and control of how it is been done. Make sure it is reaching your targeted audience and that you have appealing and catchy content to hold viewers.

Instagram advertising is good for those in visual or creative organizations or industries such as craft marketing. Whatever business you are advertising for and whoever is the targeted audience that you want to reach, you will get a positive result with Instagram advertising.

Instagram gives you control to direct your business adverts to specific targeted audiences base on genders, age range, location, interest, and behavior. This thus calls for a study of the demographic arrangement of Instagram users. 

Studies show that the largest population of Instagram users are youths falling within the age range of 18-29 (making 55%). Then those between  30-49 years old make up to 28% and 11% are aged between 50-64, and those over 65 only make up 4%. Instagram on the other hand tends to slide towards those of more youthful ages that make the largest percentage. And another thing is that, according to a study by Hoot suite, it reveals that most Instagram users live in urban areas, making 32% of the population.

So, in view of all this revealed analysis, Instagram advertisers should be rest assured to gain the best out Instagram advertising and not panic since Instagram uses Facebook’s demographic data also to make service or deliver up ads to the right audiences. 

Basic Analysis of Instagram 

As stated earlier, Instagram is a visual platform, so, for whatever business you want to advertise for, your content should or must be visually appealing to whoever your audience might be. Instagram platform is user friendly and it only takes you few things to learn to handle advertising and promote your brand awareness.

Just like every other social media platform today, Instagram is also very much upgrading and growing. Unlike in the past that image had to fit specific very limited size before you can post, now you can upload quiet a large size of images and you can upload videos too. It now includes many features you can experiment with and explore the horizon of enjoyment. You can either post images or videos to the general feed or upload them to your stories. There are so many other features you can make use of when trying to upload to your stories such as customize stickers, gif, polls, music, and more.

To gain more positive results with your exploration of the Instagram platform, make sure to stick to it guidelines. 

Guidelines for Effective Use of Instagram Platform

  • Use of Instagram filters. The Instagram platform is about sharing high-quality images and video contents. With the filters, you can edit your photos to make them look great before posting thus, promoting your business.
  • Make your images bright and eye catching
  • As for text contents in your post, though you can make it up to 2,200 characters, however, it is better to keep it short and interesting.
  • Know your audience and then, write in their tone/language.
  • Create a hashtag for your business contents, and keep it short and interesting too.
  • You can create files with the list of all your hashtags and keep them within reach, so that you can easily reach them, copy and paste whenever you need them.

Instagram Advertising Formats You Can Use to Promote Brand Awareness

Unlike in the past that Instagram ads are only of images that appear on your audience’s feed, now there are different formats of ads that a business advertiser can choose from on Instagram. These includes: 

  • Image Ads: this is the most standard ad format. These are the usual ads that pop up on an Instagram user’s feed as he scrolls through Instagram. The images may be in the form of square or landscape format. When using this format for your ads, there are some details you should pay attention to to guarantee optimal delivery. The file type should be jpg or png; maximum size of 30MB; minimum width should be 600 pixels image ratio is 4:5 minimum, 16:9 maximum. The particular image can also be for Instagram story ads, however, the technical requirement is that, the image ratio recommended is 9:16 
  • Video ads: video ads are just like image ads, they are only in video formats, and may also be in square or landscape format. They can include sounds and can last up to 60 seconds. Some technical requirements for your videos are: the resolution 1080 x 1080 pixels at the least; file size 4GB; ratio 4:5 min and 16:9 max; captions on video is optional; 125 maximum characters of text recommended. Etc.
  • Stories ads: these are ads that only appear in your stories and not in the general feeds. These can include images or videos; however, there are limits to the time they are viewed. Images will only show for 5 seconds and the video ads can show for 15 seconds.
  • Carousel ads: these are multiple image ads and video ads combined in one spot, so that users can swipe through them. How exciting this is.
  • Canvas ads: this is a new ad format that allows advertisers to create a 360 VR experience within the story. These format is only supported via mobile devices and customizable for the advertisers. These types of ads go with image, video, and carousel ads. The technical requirement here is 400 pixels minimum width and 150 pixels minimum image height.

Suggestions for Instagram ads best practices

In your advert contents, portray real-life situations, and be authentic and natural to get your followers to relate to your brand.

Your ads contents must be attention catching and easy to read and assimilate. Keep in mind the behavior of users who scroll continously. Thus, create a content that will make them stop and see what the ad is.

Call to action: in your ads, your users should be able to know what you want them to do next after seeing the ads. Like, ‘apply now,’ ‘book now,’ ‘contact us,’ ‘download’ or ‘book now’.

Your contents should appeal to your customer’s needs and desires. And connect with their feelings through your advert contents.

The wordings in your content should have a bit of urgency in it to hurry your customers in taking action.

Measuring your Instagram ads success using Facebook ads manager

Since there is no gain without pain and you spend money to earn money no matter how little, it is then important that you measure the success of every investment to know how much gain you generate and how to improve more.

Learning to use an advertising platform for the first time may seem overwhelming, however the good news for Instagram advertisers is that, when you are already advertising on Facebook, you shouldn’t struggle to catch on with Instagram advertising. This is because Instagram ads can be configured through the Facebook ad manager. 

There are certain goals and objectives you should look out for when advertising on Instagram to be able to measure the success of your expenses accordingly. Whatever your marketing objective is, whether to promote brand awareness and build your business, be specific in your goals.

  • Look out for impressions and engagement on your ads. This is about knowing how much you have gained on your brand awareness. This is the most standard goal “brand awareness”. How many people have your ads been shown to, and who are most likely interested in your brand. And the engagements you get to have likes, shares, or comments on your post.
  • Also, look out for “reach.” whether your advertising has reached or is reaching your targeted audience. Your aim may be that your ads should reach as many people as possible;here, you will need to select your Instagram account when creating the ad.
  • Check out traffic. This is about how many clicks have you got to your links.
  • New messaging conversation regarding your ads is also a goal of your adverts. This is about driving your leads to take action that leads to your website or convert on your website.
  • Look out for lead generation. How many email addresses is captured by you by clicks to fill out their information.
  • Your goal may be of video views, so to say, promoting your videos on Instagram.

How much do you need to spend on Instagram advertising?

We have mentioned briefly in a line above, cost, and that you have to spend money to earn more monies. Now, let see how you can manage cost for Instagram ads for your brand awareness and building a successful business.

The expenses of Instagram advertising are hinged on many factors, from audience to ad feedback. And not all the factors of the cost on Instagram advertising are revealed on the platform to users. Prices on Instagram ads are determined according to Instagram ad auction, the audience, competition, the time of day or day of week the ads runs for. And basically, the cost model is based on CPC (cost per click) and CPM’s (cost per impressions).

Setting up your Instagram ads expense. Instagram advertisers have control on the allocation of their budgets. For example, advertisers can choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget. The daily budget is to set a limit to the amount spend per day; while the lifetime budget is where you will set up your ads to run for a long time until the budget is depleted.

Other ways of setting up your ads expenses include, either setting a schedule or setting your ads delivery method. The ad schedule is, for example, when you specify certain hours of the day you want the ads to run. As per the delivery method, it is by three options as in link clicks, impressions, and a daily unique reach. Another way to set ads cost is setting your bid amount to either manual or automatic.

Now, you can create your Instagram ads


Creating ad content should not be any challenge. The images and video content should be very easy to create thanks to various online design tools, templates, and video makers. Some tools help you create your content within 5 minutes. You can thus upload on the Instagram platform following its guidelines and choosing which of the Instagram ad format you want to use.

Now it is left to you to experiment with Instagram advertising and promote your brand awareness.